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Along with Oasis, Blur and Pulp this group of people with different sexual orientations know as "Suede" or "London Suede" (not to be mixed up with an obscure country musician named Suede and the legendary glam rock band "Slade") was at the frontiers of the emerging Britpop in early 90s. Actually "Suede" don`t seem to be playing the same brand of Britpop that their competitors were - they are much more lyrical than any other famours Britpop band. While "Blur" were more daring and willing to experiment, "Pulp" had a much stronger emphasis on synthesizers while "Oasis" was just a "Beatles" tribute band, "Suede" specialized in bitter-sweet rather slow songs sung in cat-like voice. I somehow can`t really connect myself with this band - I`ve listened to this album some four or five times and not a single song still seems to stand out among the rest for me. All of them aren`t bad, yet I don`t feel any signs of brilliance or genius in these songs. "Lazy", "Thrash", "The chemistry between us" and "Beautiful ones" are all okay, but who`s interested in being ok after all? One has interest in either those who suck badly or in those who suck perfect.
2006-07-11 00:00:00
music, 1996