The Day the Earth Stood Still
film — USA — 1951

In the gospel according to IMDB this is a great film. Apart from dreadful acting the first half of this film seemed to be good - a guy named Klaatu arrives to Earth from outer space to bring to the nations of the Earth the message that if they will use nuclear power they will be killed by the more advanced races. After being injured he ends up living together with some normal people because he looks just like one of them. After that as in any film of the cold war era and especially in a film from the Communist-hunt days you will find a lot of pathos and patriotic gibberish. Klaatu visits the statue of Abraham Lincoln, he tells to the people that the universe needs a world police that would keep order and that you`re either with us or against us. George W. Bush, what was your favourite film when you was a little boy? I bet I know, you even have the same haircut as Klaatu. Yeah, the ending is about as good as the words "terrificly bad" charactarise it. Screw IMDB, watch "Flying Saucers: the true story" instead. Or find yourself a rainbow.
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