The life aquatic with Steve Zissou
film — USA — 2004

This is a very bad film from the very beginning. It has little to tell, its characters are mostly boring, the soundtrack is recorded by some fellow who performs David Bowie`s songs in Portuguese and Steve Zissou wears a silly orange cap. So why should I like this bad film? First, because it`s a tribute to the legendary Jaques Cousteau (if that`s how you write his name). Steve Zissou is a Cousteau like character - a man of the see who`s legendary for his documentaries. Still the last years have all gone downwards - as Zissou is getting older, his movies get worse very fast. His team on the ship contains mostly different kind of idiots and the only sane person around him is Eleonor, his ex-wife. Things get even more complicated when Steve decides to go an a mission of revenge and kill a tiger shark that ate his best friend. He`s accompanied not only by his great team but also by a fellow named Ned who supposedly is Steve`s son (but that`s not a fact) and whom he has just met, and by a pregnant reporter (who`s played by Kate Blanchett). Concerning the acting, I have to admit that the cast contains lots of brilliant actors - next to Kate there`s Bill Murray as Steve Z, Willem Defoe as Klaus from Steve`s team and even the son is played by the famous yet not that brilliant Owen Wilson. I doubt that it would be reasonable to go more into details about the story line for there isn`t much of that in the film, for it`s rather a film of images than a film of a story. It`s a parody of Cousteau`s work at some times, but it`s not parodic at other times. To be honest, I didn`t enjoy this film too much for the level of entertainment in it wasn`t particulary high. Yet, that`s a thing one has to expect from parodies of sea documentaries.
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