Броненосец Потёмкин

Ja jau esmu ticis līdz mēmajam kino, vienkārši obligātā kārtā bija jānoskatās "Bruņukuģis Potjomkins" - neapšaubāmi slavenākā Sergeja Eizenšteina uzņemtā filma, aģitkino klasika.
2014-01-26 10:17:39
film, 1925

The Trial

"Procesu" biju jau lasījis iepriekš, manuprāt, apmēram 2000.gadā, varbūt 2001., bet šī ir viena no tām grāmatām, kuras ir vērts pārlasīt. Kā Lienčai izteicās kāda bijusī klasesbiedrene, tas esot murgs, ne grāmata. Bet pati atzina, ka ko gan viņa - diplomēta skolotāja - var zināt. Es arī gribu piekrist, ka diplomēti skolotāji lielākoties nezina un nesaprot, ne tik cik melns aiz naga. Sveicieni jums, mani dārgie pedagogi!
2008-01-17 17:06:09
book, 1925

The Desert of Love

The central hero in this novel has got a name quite similar to mine - he`s called Raymon. The novel revolves around two scenes in his life and concerns a weird polygone of love. Let`s start with the earliest episode. Raymon was an unsecure teenager in a family of a doctor. He wasn`t aware of his good looks and had he lived in the modern age he`d be probably called a goth for he wasn`t the most cheerful person in town. His life took an unexpected twist when he met Mary Cross on a tram. She was a woman of a very doubtful statue despised by many because of her affair with an elder man from the high classes. What Raymon wasn`t aware of was the fact that Mary was a patient of his father`s and that his father was unhopefully in love with her (she on the contrary didn`t notice his love considering him a saint). But that didn`t stop Mary from devoting a passion towards the young Raymon and almost seducing him (Raymon learned to understand that he wasn`t a freak after all but he blew everything about their possible romance by his foolish teenagers behaviour). After everything came to a logical conclusion Raymon still had a lot of bitterness towards Mary who had rejected him and planned to revenge himself by becoming a victor in the battle for many womens` hearts. He succeeded at that but when he met Mary some 15 years later he learned to know that he hadn`t come over his passion towards her (she didn`t see in him anything at all anymore) and that his father was also still mad for her. So they both - father and son who had never understood each other were tied by this woman that didn`t care for either of them. Sad, sad, sad.
2005-12-13 00:00:00
book, 1925