Abre Los Ojos
film — Spain — 1997

This is the first film of the dilogy which gave us "Vanilla Sky". Actually, this isn`t the first part but the first version of Vanilla Sky done by some Spanish director. What`s weird about this film that there`s Penelope Cruz in the same role she also played in the film with Cruise. To be honest, there`s not very much difference between the films - maybe in this one the main hero`s face is ruined more than in the other one, but apart from that it`s still the same film with the same ideas. Oh, I forgot that there`s nothing from Monet in here (or was it the other guy - Manet? I`m not sure).
The final words - why does the remake exist? I have no idea, if not for the money. If you make a carbon copy of something that wasn`t that great in the first place you surely can`t expect too much out of it.
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