Different Class

Do you remember the band? The one that sung "I wanna sleep with common people like you"? I guess you do. And here it is. The best part of the album are the lyrics, while musically it`s sometimes a bit dull. Highlights include the already mentioned "Common People", "Disco 2000" and "Underwear".
Quote: "If fashion is your trade,
then when you`re naked,
I guess you must be unemployed."
In theory out of the big bands from the Britpop era "Pulp" should be my favourite one, as Jarvis Cocker is such a nice and intelligent lad (he`s a drug addict though, but who isn`t?). Still their music is a bit too electronic for my taste, therefore I believe I should stick to the camp of "Blur" fans.
By the way I wonder how come I`d never seen the video to Disco 2000 (the chorus to this song is just perfect, although I know that the year 2000 is distant past already).
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