The Collector
book — UK — 1963

It was just like a strike of lighting upon my very head. Very rarely does a book move me half as much as The Collector did (although I didn`t even read it in the original language). The crazy maniac who collects butterfly and locks up a young girl in his basement is some form of that stupid sort of villain that appears in silly books but it`s not about the plot. It`s much more about the psychology of a completely insane person and of one of his victims (and don`t you think that it`s as simple as inducing fear or some sexual perversions - it`s much worse than that). And the ending is especially horrific.
Quotes: "If God exists then he is a disgusting spider weaving his web in the dark."
"God is an impotent. He can not love us. He hates us because is uncapable to love."
"The new middle class still is the poor order. Only their poverty has changed. Once they hand no money, now they have no soul."
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