Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
film — UK — 1990

A film by Tom Stoppard. Does it say anything to you? Well, for me it does. Tom Stoppard being my favourite modern playwriter I knew the film should be good. I had actually seen it a few years ago but neither my knowledge of English neither the overall capabilities of my brain could tell back then how good the movie actually is. And I really don`t care that it isn`t a critics favourite. A few quotes coming up for the film is full of those. And what else would you expect from a piece of art where Hamlet himself plays just a secondary role? B list quality guaranteed, A list not out of sight.
Quote: "Whatever became of the moment when one first knew about death?There must have been one, a moment, in childhood,when it first occurred to you that you don`t go on forever. It must have been shattering stamped into one`s memory.And yet I can`t remember it.It never occurred to me at all. We must be born with an intuition of mortality.Before we know the word for it,before we know that there are words."
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