The Tin Drum

A hard work has been completed - I managed to find my way through the seven hundred pages of this document of its time. Rewarding? Maybe. At least it was good for my German, not that I didn`t like it at all but as a whole this book is a bit too German for me. I can`t tell what it is in German literature I often dislike but it is present here. Possibly it takes itself too seriously and is a bit too edgy, I don`t know the right words for it. The entertainment level is not high enough for me, despite that fact that subjects brought up in this book are worthy. It seems that Mr. Grass is just not my author. Well, so be it.
A note: A mistake found in the novel "Die Blechtrommel" by Gunther Grass. Quote: "Er stellt das Grammophon an: "The Platter" singen "The Great Pretender". Is there a problem? Yes, despite the fact, that "The Platters" indeed did perform the particular song, since the action is taking place during the Second World war (in the year 1944), "The Platters" weren`t formed yet (they started only in 1953).
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