film — USA — 2001

I didn`t start watching it with very high expectations, despite the high level of praise I heard on the film lately. Basically it`s about a drug dealer (quite a major one) that finds out that money can`t buy love and happiness and discovers that despite his money he has become a worse father than his own dad. What did I like about the film? When Jung and Martha are having their personals problems in the front of their daughter just the way it was beween Jung`s parents, it was good. But on the negative side - I don`t get why should anyone say "oh that poor, poor guy" after watching the movie. Just because Johnny Depp is so sweet and innocent and that it is highly unlikely that one can reach that much in the drug business with hands as clean as his? Or is the film good because of the hair styles and a whole lot of non-aging people?
Papildinājums 2007: Atzīstos, ka tik negatīvi par šo filmu izteicos galvenokārt tāpēc, ka gribēju iebilst. Tas man ir ļoti raksturīgi. Es gan joprojām šo filmu neuzskatu par izcilu vai labāko Džonija Depa darbu, bet principā filma bija ļoti pat normāla - tāds skatāms narkogabals ar pietiekami komplicētu (lai arī nedaudz idializētu) galveno varoni.
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