film — USSR — 1972

At last I have seen my first Tarkovsky movie. I liked the ideas about the true goal in a man`s life, how nobody cares about the meaning of life when he`s happy, etc, etc. Visually the film also was strong, much more than you could expect from a Soviet film. What was not so good was the length - it was even more of a problem than in the case of Space Odyssey. What else? The dialogue was pretty crazy, most of the time it seemed that nobody spoke in full sentences, as if something was cut out. I also liked the scene with the rain both inside and outside the house. I should watch the Soderberg version to be able to compare which one I like most. And there`s also the book by Stanislav Lem. Therefore it`s not the final word you hear from `Solyaris` on this page.
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