Concert for Monserrat

A island somewhere in the ocean gets partly destroyed and some of the celebrities of the music world participate in a benefit concert for the already mentioned island. Featuring are Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins, Elton John and Carl Perkins. What is my impression of that? First, the concert is a bit boring - not that it is such a surprise that a benefit concert lacks real energy. About the participators: Clapton is technically advanced as usually but the way he treats `Layla` can not be approved by me. Macca has never been a good live musician and he hasn`t become better while getting old. Mr. Knopfler is just not my kinda of musician, which can be also said about Phil Collins. Elton John does his usual piano stuff and is not too bad with it. Last but not least - Carl Perkins performs - guess what! - `Blue Suede Shoes` and is surely better that I expected him to be.
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