Gesammelte Werke in 7 Baenden: Band 7
book — Switzerland — 1986

Max Frisch is one of my favourite German-writing authors, especially some of his plays and the novel `Mein Name sei Hantenbein` have found a key to my soul. And in this book here there are two of his best plays - `Tryptichon` (about dead people who talk about their lives) and `Biography: A Game` (about the direction ones life might have taken if he had made different choices). Those are really good, so is a long story entitled `Bluebeard` about a man who supposedly has killed his wife (which is told entirely in shifts between a monologue and dialogues). What I didn`t enjoy was a story about a man who cuts information from a book and attaches it to his wall - including loads of useless information. Also I didn`t particulary enjoy Frisch`s non-fiction work - a few essays and speeches which are certainly not bad but the author isn`t an idol of mine therefore I can live without reading all of it.
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