Zabriskie Point
film — USA — 1970

A few questions on the film remain unanswered, for example - why did I get an Italian of the film if it`s supposed to be in English? On the content of the film itself - it shows a few days in the lives of several people among whom is a revolutionalist named Mark and a secretary of a big company who runs away for no apparent reason named Daria. The plot is more than loose and pretty much nothing goes on most of the time, not even dialogue. Highlights include the scene where Mark gets arrested for talking too much and after being asked of his name replies "Carl Marx" and the police officer asks him about the way his name should be spelled; and the last few minutes of the film. I also liked the psychedelic plane. But overall `Zabriskie point` (btw. Zabriskie point is an existing location which I would love to visit at some time in my life) is not the most entertaining piece of filmmaking I`ve ever encountered.
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