film — Italy — 1990

A young woman returns from a lengthy abscence to her lover just to dissapear again. In the process of searching for her her lover and best friend fall in love. Once again a Michelangelo Antonioni film doesn`t feature a lot of action. On the contrary - pretty much nothing is happening on screen for about 95% of the film. It is not a mystery about the lost woman but a drama or even a melodrama about the remaining people. Though it doesn`t mean that the characters on screen are more active than the ones that are invisible - most of the things they do (Claudia and Sandro are the names of the new-lovers, Anna is the lost one) don`t make very much sense to me. I know that it`s the way it`s supposed to be - real people don`t behave like machines and are confused quite often, but I still wouldn`t say that the film was a terrific experience, especially remembering how boring it was.
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