The Bicycle Thief
film — Italy — 1948

A film directed by Vittorio De Sica. Ranked among the best of all time. And not without a reason. It has a lot of significance for me, who knows what it`s like when your bicycle is stolen. And that`s the case here - Antonio Ricci needs to get his bicycle back for without it he would lose his job and would have no chance to feed his family. Along with his son Bruno he searches the post-war Rome trying to find the man in the german cap whom he saw stealing his bicycle. Not a very happy turns his quest to be, and the ending is not promising at all. It`s the way things happen in life and I know the taste. P.S. According to IMDB to make the film more realistic De Sica didn`t hire professional actors, for example, Bruno was just some kid from the street.
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