Lately I`ve been into Jan Svankmajer, and this here is the first full-feature film by him I`ve seen. It`s an adaptation of `Alice in Wonderland` by Lewis Carroll. And it is a strange adaptation indeed - all the characters except for Alice herself are animated and they don`t look really pretty. And the action doesn`t take place in some magic forest - on the contrary everything happens in some ugly house. From the aesthetical point of view it`s a masterpiece - never before have I seen something like this. For example, the catterpillar that is in fact a sock with false teeth sitting on a mushroom that is being used to patch socks is quite impressive and so is the teaparty featuring the Mad Hatter and the March Hare both of whom are not only insane but also quite unlike Carroll might have thought them to be. On the negative side the film is not very much entertaining, especially in the beginning.
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