Everyone for himself and God against everybody
film — Germany — 1974

It`s also entitled `The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser`. It`s a story about a young man who suddenly appears in the middle of a small German town. The young man not only isn`t capable of talking but he has never encountered people before and didn`t even know that there were people beside him. As he gets to know life he encounters many problems but he realises (or it seems to me that way) that other people who have lived longer than he has (for he didn`t live before while he was locked in some cellar) were actually as dead as he was and that they knew nothing but only pretended to exist. It doesn`t give him very much faith in life. The film is quite interesting (except maybe the first 15 minutes during which I fell asleep), it certainly made me want to find some other Werner Herzog films and to get to know about that Hauser person.
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