Belle de Jour
film — France — 1967

Bunuel once again. This time with Catherine Deneuve as the main star. It`s not that typical for me to watch a film where I can`t really stand the main character but still end up liking the film. Severine is a wife of quite a wealthy doctor but despite loving her husband she just has no interest for sex with him. In order to change things she becomes a part-time prostitute and is pretty good at that. She also has a lot of masochistic dreams. Her husband, not knowing the reasons for changes in his wife, is quite happy - for she becomes a much happier person. But one can not lead two lives without harming both of them. What`s to say about it except the plot? Never have I seen a film before with a woman that becomes addicted of being a prostitute. As a matter of fact, it`s a thing I can imagine but can`t understand. To me it`s pretty shocking. On one hand I would rate the film even higher, for it`s quite impressive but on the other hand - I doubt that I would dare to watch it one more time.
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