film — USA — 1979

If I didn`t know that I wouldn`t believe that this film actually was directed by Steven Spielberg. It`s a silly comedy on an inadequate reaction people of California have after the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor. A submarine full of completely stupid Japanese that don`t even have a compass on board tries to attack Hollywood. Meanwhile a captain of the army tries to get laid with a girl who likes airplanes and therefore he must fly a plane despite not being very good at it. Some other dude has learned to dance for `the amateur night` (or something similar to that) but isn`t allowed to participate because he is not in the army (while his girl tries to get away from some stupid military person). A crazy airplane pilot (played by James Belushi) also takes part in the action, this subject here seems to be an influence for `Independence day`. Most of the jokes are quite vulgar and deal with people being hit by different objects. But it`s not that bad, besides it spoofs `Doctor Strangelove` (as it made that much of a difference). Not a standout film by any means, but I have seen a lot worse.
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