Gesammelte Werke
book — Germany — 1990

Until the day I found this book on a library shelf I didn`t even know that there existed other works by Spoerl than `Die Feuerzangenbowle` which I had read in Latvian. It turned out that Mr. Spoerl was not only an author of comedies but also wrote something that could be described as essays but should be described as boring. Also there was a novel called `If all of us were angels` which is about some man who finds himself in trouble after he unexpectedly spent a night with a prostitute in Cologne. What stands out in the whole book is another novel I was unfamiliar with before - `The muzzle` is its title and it`s about an attorney who has to find the villain who put a muzzle on the emperors statue. What`s good about it - it`s that the attorney himself is the commiter of the crime but because of being completely drunk at the time he doesn`t recall nothing like that. Another novel `The gasman` tells about a Eastgerman dude who suddenly becomes rich after selling his suit to a stranger on a train. A last but not least there`s a honeymoon which actually is opposite to its title. Not a great book but not a disaster as well.
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