City of the Lost Children

IMDB described it as similar to `Blade Runner`. Being a fan of the mentioned movie I was eagerly awaiting to prove that CofLC is nothing but a fluke. Amazingly it was not. What stood out the most in the film was the imagery - a future looking quite like the 30`s of the 20th century only with unproportinal amounts of pollution and weird places. The plot may seem silly on the paper but for a twisted form of a fairy tale it`s quite normal. A half crazy scientist creates lots of clones of himself (including one who consists only of the brain), one of the clones turns out to be evil (or stark raving mad, if it makes a difference). The crazy dude needs to kidnap children in order to try to suck out their dreams for he himself can`t dream. And the little brother Denree (not a physical brother thou) of the main character cleverly called `One` is among those children. One goes on a quest to rescue his brother. By the way, many sequences in the film look exactly as they were taken out from a quest. And I`m a fan of quests.
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