Three Colours: White

The trilogy goes on although there ain`t a single character appearing in both movies. A man named Karol has to escape from France back to his native country of Poland for after being divorced from his wife, he has no money and has police on his heels (his ex-wife told them he set her aparment on fire). What`s complicated about their relationship - is the fact that they still love each other in a strange way. After returning back to Warschaw in a suitcase Karol returns to his work at a barbershop and also, using the changes in the country (it`s the early nineties - if you know what I mean) gets rich from buying and selling land. He also becomes friends with another Pole named Mikolaj who asks Karol to kill him. Later Karol imitates his own death (with the help of Mikolaj who regains will to live), in order for his ex-wife to come to the burial. After that he has sex with her and leaves but before that he makes sure that Dominque (played by the then gorgeous Julie Delpy) is the main suspect for his death. The film is a bit strange for the deeds of his and hers are quite illogical but sadly it`s just the way it goes. A good film, I would perhaps even prefer it to the first part.
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