Polski Blues
book — Germany — 2002

Three men on their way to make a film stop in a small Polish village to meet a man who has been an idol to one of them - a retired jazz trompet player named Zdenek Koziol. The village is poor, the people drink a lot, still there is hope in there. Zdenek and Zbigniev, his friend from the days of youth, live in the village for no apparent reason. Zbigniev, although not believing in God, is the local priest. He forgives all sins to the people for he knows that it makes him feel better. Zdenek has gone partly crazy because of his rememberance of his childhood where has was told how great God is and that his vodka-drinking and everyone hitting father is to be considered as a representer of God for him, and that it`s bad to sin but still if a person sins much and repents its sins it`s good. And that it is good to kill in war, for the weapons have been blessed, etc., etc. I enjoyed the book because it shows that despite all the bullshit going on in the world there is a light also, that it`s what we make out of it is what counts.
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