Decalogue 1: I am Thy Lord
film — Poland — 1988

Krzystof Kyslovsky did this while still in Poland somewhere in nineteen-eightees. I don`t really know why he made films the 10 commandments but that`s just what he did (the summary length of the film is somewhere around 10 hours but since the episodes are not that much connected they can be also viewed one apart from another. In this first episode a son (at the age <10) of a Polish computer freak (in the eighties, man!) who`s fond of technics himself discovers the meaning of death on his way turning to God. If I got it right God was portrayed by some dude who looked quite homeless and who was burning a fire by a lake during the whole film. Nobody ever told that he was merciful and that he loved anybody (God I mean). The film is very powerful in its form where dialogues are rare and expressions and silence express much more than words. I am ready... if you know what I mean.
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