Jean-Luc Godard once again. This time it`s a crime movie about a man who kills a cop and wants to flee with his girlfriend from Parice to Rome. Most of the time he does very little for succeeding in his task though. The girl is a young American who works selling `New York Harald Tribune` on the streets of Paris and doesn`t really know if she loves Michael. Neither does she know who her boyfriend really is. Not that she cares when she finds out. The film may seem a bit odd and it`s just what it should be like. At least it`s much more entertaining than `My life to live` and a bit tighter structured. Although I don`t know yet why Godard is so obsessed with that Tribune newspaper which seems to appearing in most films of his. Yeah, Jean Paul Belmondo is the star of the film though I must admit that I don`t really like his fat lips. I know that it`s good for an Italian mafia person but does this look unpretty indeed.
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