The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
film — UK — 1989

That`s the second time I started watching a film by Peter Greenaway and this time I actually made it until the end. Shocking it may be and very good it may not be but still it`s a pretty decent effort. Of course, the film is full of totally obscene and somewhat dirty scenes but what else could one expect from Mr. Greenaway? On the positive side there`s Tim Roth (Rosencrantz... or was it Guildenstern?) present, it`s quite interesting to watch altough not a joyful experience by any means. A woman named Georgina for no clear reasons to me starts an affair with a jewish bookeeper Michael right under the nose of her violent and totally crazy husband who`s some kind of a criminal authority. The film is almost equally divided into sex scenes and eating scenes in a restaurant owned by Albert (the husband), where Georgina with the help of Richard (the cook) does what she`s supposed to do. Later on the film gets totally gross but I`m not gonna tell about.
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