It`s a film with David Bowie as one of the main stars. Basically it`s a story for children, a horror story probably but for children anyway. A young girl wants her little brother to be taken away by goblins and when he is she suddenly realises that it`s not what she wants and that she must rescue him. David Bowie is the Goblin king, and he goes around by the name Jareth. Most of the other characters are portrayed by dolls and not all of them are extremely well developed. What can I say about the film? First, the dialogues are unconvincing, heck, even I could have written something like that. And David Bowie is not a great actor, to be honest, in this film he`s not even a great musician - what we hear is some sort of 80`s pseudo-disco pop trash good ol` David was practicing at the time. On the positive side - nothing against the plot and visually it`s not the worst one could expect from the 80`s. Watchable but not more.
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