Time Bandits
film — UK — 1981

Terry Gilliam of Monty Python directed this movie with John Cleese, Michael Palin and Sean Connery among members of the cast. The story goes in the same direction as the one of Labyrinth - it`s some sort of a fairy-tale about a young boy who joins a group of dwarves posessing a map of time-holes in the history which they use for commiting robberies. Napoleon, Mychenae, Robbin Hood, Titanic - that`s the sort of things they`re after while the Supreme Being and Evil are after them. Somehow the film didn`t work for me. If it was supposed to be a comedy (which it I guess was) it wasn`t very funny - at least not even close to what I could expect from Terry Gilliam. If it was supposed to be a story for children (which I guess it was) it wasn`t very much entertaining. Michael Palin and John Cleese are great as usually, Sean Connery has a boring role and he doesn`t deliver anything special. The ogre is quite good and some parts of the dialogue are also pretty strong. But overall - not better than Labyrinth, and I didn`t really like that movie in the first place.
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