Erik The Viking
film — UK — 1989

You know what, this is another one of the films directed by a former Monty Python - although it isn`t Terry Gilliam but his namesake Terry Jones who directed this piece of cinema here. And what else - John Cleese can be seen here as well as in the Gilliam flick. What I don`t understand about the film is why is "Time bandits" rated higher than this film here? To be honest, I liked it. And why not? Erik is a viking who doesn`t like raping, nor does he really enjoy pillaging and killing, and he decides to go along with his mates to Valhalla and ask the gods to stop all this nonsense. There`s a coward, a sly blacksmith, a man who must be berserk, father of the pseudo-berserk man, a christian priest and I guess some other members of the crew going on this quest. At some points the film gets quite funny while unlike `Time bandits` it does have it`s idea and isn`t entirely a comedy as one could think. I liked John Cleese once again, so was Terry Jones` character worth a good laugh. And the gods...
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