Cholonek oder Der liebe Gott aus Lehm
book — Germany — 1970

Let`s face it - I have almost entirely forgotten what this book was all about. I can remember that it was a village close to the Polish border of Germany, where everyone tried to persuade everybody else of their Polish origins. As far as I can remember a long period of time was described. There was this one guy who was among the first to join the NSDAP hoping that his low party number will bring him great benefits but he was kicked out because he was Polish. There was a woman who had an affair with a musician but she kicked him out because while having sex he set up a metronome in order to control the speed and occasionally got off from her to switch it. It all started with a wedding - the grooms parents weren`t rich and they weren`t even invited to sit at the table. Cholonek was born only some time after the wedding. What else do I remember? It wasn`t particulary interesting, that`s for sure. Otherwise there would be more to tell. Don`t bother looking for it unless you`re a Janosch completist (and I doubt that there is a single Janosch completist around).
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