This Is Spinal Tap
film — USA — 1984

Do you know much about the band called "Spinal Tap"? I bet you do - it`s the one and only 80`s metal band that you should know everything about. They did "Sex Farm" and they did "Big Bottom" - that`s intelligence par excellence. And what big special parts they had! The girls went absolutely nuts when David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel hit the stage and rocked it like devil`s own soldiers. But what really counts - that band never, ever existed! It`s just a mock rockumentary about an imaginary band combining different hilarious episodes of other rock bands history. I personally like the part where St. Hubbins plays a guitar solo using a violin just like Jimmy Page (only with a slightly different touch), but the top of everything else is his beautiful composition for the piano in a mellow key bearing the majestic name "Lick my Love Pump". The plot - while touring America that band collapses because of the crowd not caring for them, the manager and the guitarist leave the band while the singer`s girlfriend takes the charge over the band and leads in to new lows. The film is funny, that`s a sure thing to say, and I really like funny movies about rock music! Lasting value? To hell with it, bizarre gardening accidents is what I want!
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