film — USA — 1970

MASH is one of my favourite sitcoms, it was made in the 70`s and told us the stories of Trapper and Hawkeye Pierce - two surgeons trying to have a good time while staying at a mash in the middle of the Korean war. They drank their booze and they loved their women, and they harrased major Frank Burns and his devoted lover, crazy patriot major Hotlips (that was her nickname and I never knew what she was really called). But the film that inspired the tv series isn`t that good, and it dissapointed me bitterly. The characters are the same, but you can`t really feel the pacifism of the series in the film, and the jokes fall flat most of the time, although there aren`t that many jokes in the entire film to speak about the majority of them. But there was a thing I liked about this film - and it was the leading song, entitled "Suicide is painless" - it`s a real beauty, and it`s sung to a dentist called "Painless". "Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I please". I don`t want to try suicide, but the feelings after watching this crappy work of cinematography nearly made me want to.
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