Forrest Gump
film — USA — 1994

"He`s gump, he`s gump, he`s kinda square" that`s what Weird Al Yankovic had to say about the main character in this movie. You certainly know that Tom Hanks won the second Oscar in a row for his performance in this film. And deservedly so! Forrest Gump was a new kind of American hero, being far from smart he was a very warm, heartfelt person, that participated in the most important events of modern history. Elvis Presley got his hip shaking style from Forrests leg fixators. He started the unveiling of the Watergate incident by a phone call. From Vietnam he came out as a hero. He even invented the smiley. And to do that he didn`t need anything more that a very kind heart and no understaning of the world. He fell in love with a girl from a no good family, he loved her all his life, although she thought that Forrest didn`t know what love is. Anyway, you know all this already. What I must say - seing this film now I knew much more about the events shown in the film and therefore it was much funnier for me than it once was. And much sadder as well.
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