Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone

How much do you know about Harry Potter? It`s the coolest wizard for a pre-teenage audience. There are books about him, there are cups and cakes bearing his name,his own lingerie line: you name it. And there`s the first part of the film about him. After having already seen the second part (I usually choose a stupid order for watching everything), my expectations for this film were lower than the IQ of an average American. But I was proved to be wrong! No, this ain`t no Frederico Fellini or Benvenuto Cellini (the latter wasn`t even a filmmaker) but this is a good film for children. At least there are no silly flying cars in this part of the film. But there`s a stone that makes you live forever, and there`s an evil teacher who works for Volodja the wicked (not for mr. Putin, if you keep asking). And there are quite a few little children that manage to stop him from obtaining that stone. To be honest, I don`t really remember, why I preferred this film to the second part when I watched it, but it somehow seemed less silly. Oh, I remember - John Cleese can be seen for a bit more than half a minute and he even says a few funny things. If he had been the main star of the film it would have been a masterpiece. And Harry Potter could even appear in some scenes.
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