Decalogue 6
film — Poland — 1988

After a long break I decided to give another chance to Krzystof Kieslovsky`s "Decalogue". This time I chose the part that told us not to commit adultery. It doesn`t mean that I was planning to do just that and to understand why I shouldn`t do it I watched the film. Anyway, there`s Tomek - a young boy who spends most of his free time when not working at the post peeking through a looking glass at Magda - a woman from a neighbouring house. She can`t do much without him noticing, he never misses her making love to Roman. Tomek uses every chance to meet her, but without much success. When he tells her that he has been peeking on her for quite a long time she invites him into her apartment. Magda tries to prove him that it`s not love what he`s feeling towards her, but she fails at that. Tomek cuts his wrists, and now it`s Magda who wants to see him. In the end his final words to her are: "I don`t peep at you any more". And I liked the film, it`s sad just like every part of the Decalogue is (as far as I know) but it`s very powerful in it`s minimalism.
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