Gaspard, Melchior et Balthazar
book — France — 1980

In the review on the back cover of this book it is said to be somewhat similar to "Master and Margarita" by M.Bulgakov as a book redefining old stories. You see, the characters mentioned in the title are the three wise men that came guided by a star to look at the newborn king. In this book though they didn`t start the journey because of no king - Gaspard was unhappy after he found out that his white slave lover was cheating on him with another one of her kind; Melchior`s museum of art was destroyed by religios people; and Balthazar wasn`t even a king he was running away from his uncles people who were trying to kill him (an evil uncle once again!). On their journey all of them met one another and they also visited king Harod in Jerusalem, who was the one telling them to go and look at the newborn Jesus. And that`s what they did; and another king (prince actually) also wanted to see Jesus, being sent there by the same Harod. But he was late. There`s nothing extremely great about this book - it is a nice tale about the past, but definetely not groundbreaking, despite some interesting spots, for example the problem was Adam and therefore God as well black or not.
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