Three Colours: Red

Wouldn`t you know - it took me quite a lot of time to prepare to watch the most succesful part of the "Three Colours" trilogy. What was the reason for that? I enjoyed the first two ones, thus having no reason not to watch the third one. Nevermind the reasons, this film is totally great. It kinda sums up the previous parts tying everything together. Valentine is lonely for her beloved is in another country and he doesn`t treat her the way he should. Her life is changed when she hits a dog while driving a car. The dog turns out able to live and she returns it to its owner - a strange old man who spends his days listening on the radio to other people`s private conversations. Valentine tells him (btw., he`s played by Jean-Louis Trintignant) to stop doing that, for the people are good, and he obeys him. In the film it turns out that Valentine and le Juge (the old man, a former judge) live in parallel worlds - she`s his lover whom he never had from the days of his youth. And there`s Auguste - the judge of the modern age, who is the new le Juge - the man Valentine has to meet. Of course, it`s clear from the beginning that one day she and he should meet, but it`s not shock and unexpected twists we away from this movie. A great movie, without doubt - the highest peak in dialogue, acting and images Kieslowsky ever achieved.
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