John Cleese on How To Irritate People

Do I need to remind you who John Cleese is once again? I don`t think so. But what can I tell you is that is a truly unique film - it features three members of the Monty Python`s Flying Circus before they joined up to create the probably greatest comedy show ever. John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Michael Palin all can be seen in this film which shows us the possibilities, how a person can irritate other people. Some of these sketches don`t work particulary well, while others are truly classic. For example, the sketch about airplane pilots that keep telling through loudspeakers to the travellers that everything is ok with the plane, and that there`s no reason to panic (they do it just to have fun). So is the sketch that eventually ended up in the Circus series about the job interview and the ways to make fun of the poor guy trying to get a job. But, for example, old women with bad hearing aren`t extremely funny, if may dare to say that. It`s clear that all these guys were only on their way to becoming what we love them for, but some potential they had already then.
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