Being John Malkovich
film — USA — 1999

Who the hell is John Malkovich? Isn`t it the guy who played in the film about the bank robbers? No, that`s not him - it`s what you can learn by watching this film. Craig Schwartz is a puppeteer, and he can`t get no work (despite the thought from "GTA3" where a man says "Were you kept in a box? Guys with puppets get chicks!"). No, he can`t get a job as a puppeteer, but his wife Lotte offers him to take just some job to get some money. And he finds a job as a filer for a strange company that`s residing between two floors of a huge builing. And on this floor he finds a portal through which you could enter the mind of actor John Malkovic for ten minutes. Together with Maxine - a colleague of his - for whom he lusts - he opens a business of being John Malkovic. It turns out that Maxine and Lotte fall in love but since they are no lesbians they achieve their love by Lotte entering John Malkovic and Malkovic being together with Maxine. But Craig learns to take over Malkovic`s mind and to push Malkovic himself out of it. In the end though there are some more twists, I don`t really want to explain. But what I want to say is that it`s one hell of movie! It`s really something special. It`s mystical, it`s funny, it`s scary - it twists your mind like a Bender (from Futurama), and after watching the film you have a hard time putting your mind together again).
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