Ring for Jeeves
book — UK — 1953

For a more detailed information see "askjeeves.com". Who is that Jeeves fellow you will ask me? Jeeves is the greatest butler in the world. Even if you`re a stupid and careless young gentleman just like Bertie Wooster, Jeeves will help you to get out of all the trouble you find yourself involved in. In this book though there`s no Wooster insight, because Jeeves works for lord Rochester while his master is being taught to make his own bed and to clean his own schoes at a special school for young gentlemen. Since lord Rochester is close to going bankrupt with the help of Jeeves he starts the career of a bookmaker, and everything goes well until a hunter from India wins a lot of money that lord Rochester can`t provide him. What can the lord do? He wants to sell his old and ruined mansion, to marry a nice girl, but it`s not as easy as it seems to be. The possible buyer of the mansion is a woman he once knew and because of that lords girlfriend gets angry, the hunter also comes to claim his money - it`s a deep paddle of shit where lord Rochester finds himself. Luckily there`s Jeeves around who can save the day. I like the humour of this novel, it`s traditional Wodehouse style and at some moments you won`t laugh only if you can`t read. I especially like when lords relative discusses with his wife where lord Ro-er might have money from, and suggests that it must be blackmailing, and tells that he would also start a career of gentleman blackmailer, if he had no family. And what`s also good - why did Jeeves leave lord Rochester in the end - because Bertie Wooster was thrown out of school after he got a prize for knitting when it turned out that he had used a trot - hidden an old woman in his room.
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