The Rutles
film — UK — 1978

The Rutles were the prefab four. They came from Liverpool and recorded some of the best rock`n`roll songs the Beatles never happened to write. And a documentary about this band was made. And who made this documentary? It was Eric Idle of Monty Python. And he was also one of the Rutles - a guy who strangely resembled Paul McCartney. This film should be watched if you`re a specialist of the Beatles, if you`re not - it`s still funny but you won`t get most of the gags. From the beginning until the very end the history of the Rutles is a hilarious piece of comedy. There`s the stage of their career when they are in Hamburg - far from home and far from talented. They atract their future manager because of their pants - how tight they are, and not because of their music. There`s a rumour that one of the members of the band has died, because on the cover of their albums he wears no pants, etc., etc. Yoko Ono in this film a simple German girl whos father had invented World War II. And you can actually see a few celebrities in this film - Mick Jagger, Paul Simon and even George Harrison of the Beatles who plays a reported interviewing Michael Palin - a further guy from the Pythons.
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