Oh, oh, Julia

Do you sometimes wonder, what would happen if something didn`t happen? For example, if the Red Socks hadn`t won the world series back in 1985 or Michael Jackson had changed his sex and not his skin. And this is a play about what could happen if Romeo and Julia hadn`t died at the end of Shakespeare`s play. Can you imagine both of them at the age of fifty having occasional nervous breakdowns, cheating on one another and cursing the day they met? Ephraim Kishon could do just that, and he even wrote a play about it. This is supposed to be a farce, and that it is, but it isn`t particulary funny. There`s the ghost of good ol` William floating around and cussing because they never died, unlike he told them to. There`s Romeo making love to his favourite hot-water bottle, and driveling after Julias 90-year-old nanny. There`s Julia who`s lover is hunder years old monk. And even Shakespear`s ghost seduces Romeo and Julias fourteen year old daughter. I guess, the idea of showing what is and what should never be was a good one, bet the way Kishon brings it to life isn`t very close to perfection.
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