The 400 Blows

You know what? I decided to give Francois Truffaut another chance! I had seen one of his worst films - "Fahrenheit 451" - and now I wanted to see his arguably best work. And you know what? It was worth it. Antoine Doinel is a fourteenyearold who`s not happy at school, `cos the teacher of French hates him; he`s not happy at home, for his mother doesn`t love him, and his father isn`t even his real father; and his mother wanted an abortion in the first place. He starts stealing things, leaves home several times, his parents don`t know what they should do about their child, because they don`t know what to do about themselves. At some times the film is funny, at others it is sad as a weeping willow, but it still is an enjoyment to watch. There`s one scene I especially like - it`s a lesson in sports where the children run through the streets of Paris after their teacher and on every corner a few of them leave, and in the end the teacher is left all alone by himself.
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