The Tale of Tales
film — USSR — 1979

Yuri Norstein, a Russian animator and animation director was the evil mastermind behind this cartoon. If you haven`t seen the "Hedgehog in the fog" you`ll have no idea what this is all about, but here you have a cartoon that for the most time looks like it was a moving picture by a great artist and not just a collection of images out of a comic book. Would you like me to tell you the storyline? I`d do that in a second if I knew where to begin. First, there`s a little wolf that watches everything and steals a piece of paper from a poet, but that paper turns into a baby. Then there`s girl playing with a bull. Then there`s a fisherman. There`s a baby feeding from his mom`s breast. But it all doesn`t make much sense. Oh, I forgot about a little boy eating an apple and dreaming of himself sitting on a trea and sharing his apple to crows. Damn, does this sound weird. I bet you didn`t get the story. Well, in that case you got it. It`s beautifully animated, it`s totally strange, it`s what soviet animation sometimes was like and its what American animation rarely managed to be. It`s ART.
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