Der Geteilte Himmel
book — Germany — 1963

Welcome to the fantastic world of uninteresting literature. Our todays exhibit is a story (or rather a novel) by Christa Wolf - one of the most important writers of East Germany. This is a story about unhappy love of a young woman whose lover leaves the country for the West. Rita is a most typical person a socialist writer could choose for his/her hero - she`s young, ideallistic and she works on the railroad - sweet isn`t it. In the very beginning she has an accident at work and has to go to the hospital. Only later we learn to know that it was because of Manfred - a chemist who left the socialist Germany and wanted her to go with him but after a brief stay Rita returned back to the East. Of course, the book has its share of descriptions how the trains are made, what people work there - everything you could expect from a book like this. There`s also another man who loves Rita, but she doesn`t care for him. Manfred didn`t leave the country btw. only because of his ideological problems but mainly because his new design for some stupid thripe was not accepted - you know what it`s like when the old can`t accept what the young have to offer. To be frank I can say - this book is totally average, there are no high points in it and there are no lows. You read and you forget about. That`s it.
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