Man, do you even know who David Lynch is? You should - he created some masterpieces and some pieces of shit like nobody else in Hollywood. One thing you can`t blame him for is too much conventionality - simply watch "Mulholland Dr." and you`ll know what I mean by that. But it doesn`t necesserialy state that "The Dune" is as strange as some of other Lynch`s works. Nope, it isn`t weird like "The lost highway"! It`s just a screen version for a Frank Herbert novel. There`s only a single place in the universe where the Spice can be found - and it`s a planet where gigantic desert worms live in the sand, and where people with glowing blue eyes surround them. The emperor of the universe with the help of some fat floating baron (not Munchausen) kills the governor of that planet, but his son Paul Atreidis (he`s Greek, judging by the name) becomes some sort of the messiah to free the universe from the evil, starting with the emperor. Sting of "The Police" plays in this movie, although he`s role isn`t extremely huge, and his acting is nothing extraordinary. But this still is a nice fantasy movie.
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