Ali G Indahouse

Ali G is the coolest dude around. He has a ding dong bigger than king-kongs, he rides a car where one one side there`s a sticker "Ali G" and on the other one "Me bitch". He`s the leader of the westside gang of his suburb. And he`s a complete loser. You must know who Ali G is - that`s a funny English guy who makes fun of rappers, gang members etc. Some of his jokes are totally primitive and pervert, just like in any teen comedy, there`s a scene when his dog lick Ali in the private parts, there`s a scene where a blind man touches him in his private parts - hell, there`s gazillions of dick jokes in this film, and they are not funny. But the gang jokes are in deed. I like the scene where a cop comes by and tells to the westcoasters to sit on a bank in the park, and one of Ali`s pals explains to him in the "nigga" language that there`s no way they`re gonna obey him, but when the cop warns that he could call their parents, they all sit down immediately. About the plot - Ali G becomes the member of the British parliament and does his best to be silly, and by doing that he saves the premier ministers butt from beign kicked. Hey, I thought of a strange parallel once again - this film was inspired by "Mr Smith goes to Washington", only in the latter nobody sucked Smith`s genitals but that was probably that way because such scenes were cut out.
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