A Midsummer Night`s Sex Comedy
film — USA — 1982

Woody Allen directed this little film here. The film isn`t only short in minutes but it also doesn`t show no big events, no showbiz` glamour, a very moderate and personal film this is. The action takes place in the dawn of the 20th century at a house in the country where three couples spend a vacation. There`s Andrew - the crazy goofy inventor (played by Woody himself) and his wife Adrian. There`s Maxwell - Andrew`s friend, donjuan, doctor, who has never lost a patient - got a few of them pregnant - but never lost one, together with his latest victim. And there`s an old doctor of philosophy Leopold together with Ariel - Andrew`s crush from the days of his youth. Falling in love, physical lust, you know how it goes. All men go crazy after Ariel, while Adrian tries to improve the her sexual with her husband (their marriage is referred as good but not working), Dulcy (Maxwell`s chick) seduces the professor and while making love to her, he dies. Of course, it sounds a bit like a soap opera, and it`s what it`s meant to be, and it`s what life is.
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