Mr Smith Goes To Washington
film — USA — 1939

According to the IMDB this is a great film, showcasing all the positive patriotism an American may have. According to me (and not to St. Mathew) this is a stupid piece of propaganda, just like the Russians liked films to be. Mr. Smith is just a normal leader of an organisation similar to boy scouts, when he`s called by the governor of the state to become a member of the US senate. And he takes the job, without knowing that he`s gonna be used as a voting dummy (it`s just what the Russians thought about American democracy). But he`s an honest person, a bit religious, absolutely patriotic and he does everything to keep a certain mr. Taylor who pratically owns Smith`s own state from his dirty plans. But Taylor blackmails him by the help of Smith father`s best friend another senator. Smith falls in love with the senators daughter, and he`s taken advantage of. In the end of course, the good guy wins, and Taylors plans come out, when the other senator decides to give in his lies. The ending sucked, for in the film the line that the lost cases are the most important ones was repeated over and over again, but in the end it was a won case that counted the most. A complete dissapointment. (btw., this film comes from the 1930s)
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